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Takaaki Mitsui

"Tokkofuku" or battle uniforms frequently appear as a motif in Takaaki Mitsui's work. "Tokkofuku" is an uniform that motorcycle gangs wear to heighten the sense of unity, while embroidered messages are the expression of each individual's opinions and taste. Mitsui uses this peculiar form of expression from a marginalised culture to create his artwork. "The School Excursion" portrays a lonely trip of a bad boy, or a solitude school trip of a guy in his late 20s. In the end of his journey, he encounters a lofty artist and decides to go into art. This story seems to reflect the story of artist himself, who didn't receive formal art education and pursues his own art from an outsider-like perspective. Mitsui was born in 1975 in Aichi. He won the Gunma Youth Biennale Award in 2001, and held a solo exhibition "Invisible Field" at Gallery Cellar, Aichi.
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School Excursion

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