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Advent of Jappy is the story of Japanese traditional rituals oscillated between illusion and reality. In the piece, yellow mice-looking stuffed animals perform fake rituals --reminiscent of rituals stereotyped as ancient Japanese tradition.
Antenna is an art group based in Kyoto. Their works invest various fields of art and design. Today the group includes four members: Hideyuki Tanaka, Hiroshi Oka, Keisuke Ichimura and Kikumi Furukawa.
Antenna started in 2002, when Hideyuki Tanaka gathered a team to shoot a short movie, "Camille". In 2003, the full length movie "yu-en" project started.
Antenna did a joint-exhibition with Kenji Yanobe; "Let's meet in the forest" in 2006, collaborated with Yanobe in Toride Art Project in Ibaragi in the same year. The first solo exhibition at Takuro Someya Contemporary Art in 2007, won the 10th Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Award. Also participated Videonale 11 in 2007, the show traveled Germany and Korea.
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Advent of Jappy

color, sound