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Kentaro Taki

Living in the Box (2007, in collaboration w/ Maiko Date & Naoki Ooe).
As a specimen, body parts are displayed a part within a box. As if in desperate search for something, the body moves claustrophobically amongst the screen. The smothering sense of seclusion perhaps hints to our current disposition.

Producing video as a collage, Kentaro Taki cut-and-pastes dispersed clips of collected media, interchanging the frameworks of time and space. Alongside studio work, he as an artist is actively involved in live performances, organizing exhibitions, and running workshops.

Born in Osaka, 1973. Acquired M.A. from Musashino Art University in Making Art of Sounds & Images w/ video technology or computer. In 2002, he was dispatched as an artist to study overseas from the Japan Cultural Agency. 2003, he became the recipient of Pola Art Foundation research program grant to study overseas at the HFG-Karlsruhe (National Media Art Center, Karlsruhe, Germany). Taki has recieved the Kirin Comtemporary Art Award ('98), and the Philip Morris Art Award('02). His work has been widely exhibited such as: the Fukui prefecture Biennale ('00), in shows Ongoing ('02) and fromScratch ('05, Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya), the Meguro Art Museum ('07, "Seven Artists, Seven Expressions" ), and screening of his works in various across-seas venues.
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Living in the Box

color, sound