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Chi Wo Leung

Chi Wo Leung uses various media to explore the urban and private space, dealing specific site in contextual manner as well as through visual associations. In one of his projects, he photographed a skyscraper from the ground level looking upward, and turned the shape of the sky into cookies and distributed them. Chi Wo Leung was born in Hong Kong in 1968. After completing his master's degree in Hong Kong, Leung went to Italy to study photography, and co-founded Para/Site Art Space with his friends back in Hong Kong. Leung has participated in residency programs in New York, Japan, and Australia, and exhibited at Hangzhou Triennale, Shanghai Biennale as well as numerous group shows around the world.

The work titled "Sign" consists of two parts.? Part 1 is disguised as an educational video with two instructors teaching basic sign language for mothers to communicate with their children.?? One of the instructors in Part 1 appears to be an Australian native (with Pacificean features), and the other is a blonde-haired westerner.? While the former teacher explains the lesson using signs, the latter just stands and smiles, and the subtitles explain the content of the lesson.? This footage suggests that typical lessons from television programs often leave viewers with a certain awkward feeling. In Part 2, a mother is teaching her baby using baby sign language in the peaceful scenery of Australia.? The loving expressions of the mother and her innocent child are contrasted with the words that the mother teaches with baby sign, hinting at a merciless aspect of the real world.

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