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A Sister/Brother artist duo, Yuka and Kentaro create works of motion images in format such as media art, film and installation. A new expression of imagery is achieved through their inventions.

SEKILALA-uncovered family
One of the main elements in the film is our progression as a society past the information age. The core narrative depicts a family bound by an advanced virtual reality. As the main character, the father is experiencing a desire to revert back to human / live interactions even though he does not recognize this yearning. After encountering living furniture he is prompted to search for tangible interaction whereby the story then dissolves into a chaotic tragicomedy.

Yuka Shimura (1976) and Kentaro Shimura (1979) were born in Yokohama. Yuka Shimura was graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London in 2006 and Kentaro Shimura was graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University, College of Art, Department of Cinema, in 2003.

Shimurabros have been shown in ART Taipei 2009, Taiwan; Freiraum (Museums Quartier),Vienna, Austria; Cannes International Film Festival 2007, France ; 55th Berlin International Film Festival, Germany ; Taka Ishii Gallery Kyoto, Japan and BankartART NYK, Yokohama, Japan.


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-uncovered family

3 screen installation
(chapters randomly screened with 26 sequences )
color, sound
original format by 16mm, exhibition with DVDs