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Fee information

Fee information

All works in our archive may be rented or purchased by museums and educational institutions for screenings, exhibitions and archiving. We have two price ranges for rent.

price 1 
DVD NTSC   Screening One-day rental 50Euros
Exhibition/Screening    Two-week rental   200 Euros
Exhibition/Screening   One-month rental  350 Euros
Exhibition/Screening   Longer rental 80 Euros extra per week after a month

price 2 
DVD NTSC   Screening One-day rental 80Euros
Exhibition/Screening    Two-week rental   300 Euros
Exhibition/Screening   One-month rental  500 Euros
Exhibition/Screening   Longer rental 100 Euros extra per week after a month

Extra 20% charge applies to PAL

You can view fees by clicking fee button at the bottom of each works’ title page.
The fee includes: The right of public showing for noted period, cost of making the exhibition DVD, packing, stills of the piece, CV and basic information of the artist.
Transportation cost will be charged separately.

We can arrange subtitles, menu on DVD on your request.
For purchase of work by an educational institution for the library (DVD only, the price per title is 300 Euros or up) and by an individual for private viewing only, please contact MIACA.