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All works in our archive may be rented or purchased by museums and educational institutions for screenings, exhibitions and archiving. (A limited selection of works on DVD is available for rental and purchase by individuals. Please contact us for details.) Works are available for rental on DVD, unless otherwise noted.

You may place a rental or purchase order by filling in all required information, and signing on the order form and contract that we will send to you. The order will be delivered upon receipt of full payment (Bank transfer or PayPal*)
  • In order to avoid extra charge, your order must be placed 4 weeks prior to the date of screening or exhibition opening.
  • You can view fee information by clicking fee button at the bottom of each works’ title page.
  • You can specify the shipping method. You can provide your shipping account number such as UPS or FedEx. Or we can charge for shipping within Japan via EMS. Details are on our order form.
  • Preview samples are available for rental for 20 Euros per title. They must be returned within a week.
  • We can arrange subtitles between Japanese and English or put a menu on DVD upon your request. The fee is, for example, 150 Euros for 5minutes with translation, 50 Euros for 5 minutes without translation.
  • Works noted as “installation” may accompany specific instructions for exhibition.
*PayPal: You can make a payment with credit card.

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