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Mitsuhiro Ikeda

Born in 1969, lives and works in Gotenborg, Sweden.
Ikeda started his artistic career when he was belonging to a renowned artists collective Studio Shokudo in Tokyo. In 2001, he firstly exhibited a series of By The Window, Ikeda exhibited this series at Kulturehuset in Stockholm, Tumari Toriennale, Fuchu Art Museum in Fuchu and other venues. In his current work entitled Pop Up Series, he created architectural structure in an exhibition space and audience who is in the installation can be seen him or her “pop up” in fabrics and in miniature installation on the monitors on the floor by .the other audience.
In By The Window, shadows of people or objects are in the background of vertically flowing rainbow are projected on the window from inside of the building. Usually the window locates in the public space. The bystanders would be confused with what they see at the window, then they have to decide to stay and keep watching the other’s supposedly privacy, or, leave pretending that they did not see anything like modest people do. The situation could happen in daily life sometimes but Ikeda’s piece create such a situation and urge people to decide what to do.
In addition, the rainbow was appeared in his early installation pieces as well, which is a symbol of happiness and peace. Ikeda utilize rainbow to fascinate audience with its vivid colors and illumination and employ it as an ironical vehicle of desire of human being to peep other’s secret life.
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By the Window

color, sound
Documentation of video installation at Fuchu city