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Yuko Suzuki

"After Dark" is a 6 minute video work, in which Yuko Suzuki compressed a 24 hour footage of a golfing range from a fixed point of view. The work shows numerous workers, in their colorful jumpsuits, gathering golf balls at night time. Such scene remind us a familiar fairy tale of elves repairing shoes for an old man while he is still asleep. Throughout the composition, Suzuki's creates fantastical juxtaposition of colors and shapes: the white golf balls against the green field, a red flag fluttering in the wind, the long and winding road and houses beyond the fence. A beautifully composed shot sets a stage for the workers in their vibrant uniforms, presenting dream-like quality found in everyday scenery.

Yuko Suzuki was born in 1976. After graduating from Ritsumeikan University, she completed her course at B-Zemi. Working primarily in photography, she has been exhibiting widely within the city of Yokohama, including ZAIM, BankART Studio NYK, and URANIWA LABO.
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After Dark