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Fan, Hsiao-Lan

Fan Hsiao-Lan lives and works in Taipei, she is one of founding members of Open Contemporary Art Center. Fan studied national Taiwan University of Arts and obtained her MFA in 2010. Fan participated many exhibitions in Taipei and Banqiao, also curate some exhibitions including Taipei MOCA.

AGump was a neighbor of the Open-Contemporary Art Center in Banciao for a long time. He knew the Art Center earlier than any current members and was also the only spectator who had attended every exhibition and event. He is an odd figure in the city, a mentally disordered person. AGump was obsessed with the Second World War and fascinated by Nazis, while he was afraid of the holocaust at the same time.

For the video AGump, the artist edited fragments of AGump’s daily conversation into cohesive statements. An illusionary scene is created between light and shadow, between fantasy and reality; the line separating the two finally fades and the distinction no longer exists.

© Fan, Hsiao-Lan

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color, sound