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"Welcome to the Real World!"
Video art from Europe and more

In this series of three screenings and lectures, 'Welcome to the Real World' MIACA tried to show some moving image pieces that contain social, cultural and geopolitical themes.

The first program, curated by Hanne Mugaas, included the work of young American artists who are concerned with the internet and video game fields. They would create 'an awareness that many of society's ideas about computers aren't grounded in the truths of the machines or our interactions with them, but of corporate and government/media attempts to codify, regulate, and profit from people's inability to use them for what they were designed for.' (Beige Records).

7th April

7th April

7th April Mugaas and Hasegawa

The second program, coordinated by Paul Willemsen of Argos, referred to sociopolitical themes in Europe such as post colonial relations between Africa and Europe or the festive excitement at anti-globalization demonstrations. They all pointed out some critical views of today's Europe.

26th April, Willemsen and Hasegawa

26th April

For the third program, Swedish artist Lars Nilsson showed his own video works questioning company culture and happiness of people.
Then we started a discussion about issues around contemporary art. One of MIACA's aims is to create a platform to think, talk and exchange ideas about art and society. This was the first round table of MIACA.
The theme was to think about the different situation around contemporary artists between Japan and Europe/States. Kentaro Ichihara, our advisor also participated a discussion. Guest speaker: Mitsuhiro Ikeda (artist), Hiroko Okada (artist), Masayuki Kawai (artist), Kentaro Taki (artist, director of Video Art Center Tokyo), The Vehicle (artist), Chikara Matsumoto (artist), Kaworu Motomiya (artist), Lars Nilsson (artist)

16th May

16th May, Mr. Nilson

Mr. Kentaro Ichihara

Mr. Kentaro Taki

Ms Kaworu Motomiya

We thank for your participation!

Handout files (English) In these information, you can get all the weblinks of artists and institutions, also short profiles of the speakers. (PDF)
4.7 "What a time you chose to be born!" (134kb)
4.26 "Video Archive + 'Deframing' " (338kb)
5.16 "Happiness at work" + discussion (315kb)

Welcome to the Real World!
2006 4.7(Fri), 4.26(Wed), 5.16(Tue)
at BankART Studio NYK

MIACA (Moving Image Archive of Contemporary Art Japan) has organized the first event to acknowledge our launch, inviting a media curator, a video artist and a director from the Belgian video archive, Argos.
We plan a series of three days screenings and lectures/discussions about video art. We will also be focusing on Japanese video artists.
Moving images can never be the real, but there is a reality for each artist who creates that piece. This is why we have titled the events "Welcome to the real world!".

April 7th Fri., 2006 6:00pm - 8:30pm BankART Studio NYK
Guest: Hanne Mugaas (from Norway, lives and works in London)

"Techniques of today- Artists interpreting and mimicking through their use of media and technology" (screening program curated by Mugaas)
"The web represents a different order of information technology. Its interactivity distinguishes it from traditional media's 'total flow', which may run 24 hours a day, but can only be switched on or off.
Moreover, the web is composed of disparate media previously available only in controlled broadcasts, or locked into discrete consumer objects such as videotapes and records. At least theoretically, then, the historical archive of pop culture becomes accessible, and, just as importantly, mutable: this is an opportunity not simply for preservation, but for re-circulation and recombination along new lines". (Seth Price)

The project will show young artists interpreting and mimicking through their choice of media and distribution. Conscious use of technology, distribution channels, knowledge enabling and participation are major issues in their production, inside or outside the art scene. (HM)
Participating artists: Cory Arcangel, PAPERRAD, Seth Price etc

© Cory Arcangel (beige) "MIG-29 and Fighter"
( "Don't Touch My Computer" at Pace Wildenstein 2005)

April 26th Wed., 2006 6:00pm - 8:30pm BankART Studio NYK
"Video Archive"
Guest: Paul Willemsen (Director of the argos, video archive in Brussels)

Argos (www.argosarts.org) is one of the most well-organized video archives in Europe. As well as preserving art they organize exhibitions and an annual competition. They always show distinguished video works, not only Belgian in origin, at their spacious exhibition space in the center of Brussels. Mr. Willemsen will show some of their works and talk about how they run the institution and about video archiving.

May 16th Tue, 2006 6:00pm - 8:30pm BankART Studio NYK
"In Japan and in Europe"
Guest: Lars Nilsson (artist from Sweden)
Guests for discussion: Mitsuhiro Ikeda (artist), Kaworu Motomiya (artist), Hiroko Okada (artist), Kentaro Taki (Video Art Center Tokyo)

Part 1, Screening of Nilsson's pieces, a lecture and some European moving images.
Lars Nilsson's art is concerned with people who work in companies. He explores this theme using both animation ("Happiness at work"), and interviews with working people talking about their life within a company.
Part 2, Round table with Japanese video artists
Japanese artists who have worked in Europe and the States will be talking about the difference between Japan and the West in terms of art. The audience will be encouraged to engage in discussion with the artists. Nilsson will be participating in the discussion.
Participating artists: Alejandra Lunden, Sarah Vanagt, Mans Wrange

Venue:BankART Studio NYK
3-9, Kaigandori, Nakaku, Yokohama
TEL: 045-663-4677 FAX: 045-663-4745
4minutes walk from "Basyamichi" Station MinatoMirai Subway Line
Next to the Kanagawa Municipal Police Office 

Admission: ¥700 Each for a day (we offer a drink!)
Organised by: MIACA
Supported by:  IASPIS - International Artists Studio Program in Sweden
Scandinavia-Sasakawa Foundation, Swedish Embassy
Co-operation with:  argos Audio visual arts, BankART 1929
Endorsed by: Royal Norwegian Embassy

BankART 1929