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O.V.L. by REC
Open Video Library by recommendations

Nov.15th to 21st, 2006, ZAIM Communication saloon

O.V.L. by REC. is a temporary moving image library that you can sit back, relaxed over a cup of coffee and sweets and enjoy appreciating moving image art that you choose from our collection and the selection from recommenders. Art experts both from inland and abroad selected the works for the O.V.L. project. The collection includes many pieces that have never been shown in Japan.

The first one opened November 2006. 80 people visited the library during the six days.
Thanks for previews: Tokyo Art Beat and Real Tokyo

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(Please click names for reviewerユs notes and their profiles)
Kentaro Ichihara Art critic, Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design
Irma Simanskyte Cultural Project Manager, Lithuanian Institute, Vilnius
Tetsuya Ozaki Chief Editor of ART IT and Real Tokyo
Teresa Kwong Director, the Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards (ifva), Hong Kong Arts Center
Yukiko Shikata Curator, ICC Inter Communication Center, Professor and guest lecturer, Tokyo University of Arts and Design, Tama Art University, Kyoto University of Art and Design
John Peter Nilsson Curator, Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Hisako Hara Professor, Osaka Electro-Communication University
B+B Curator Collective Sophie Hope and Sarah Carrington, London
Akiko Miki Chief Curator, Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Reccomended artists (in Japanese Alphabetical order):
Icelandic Love Corporation, Allsopp & Weir, Tetsuya Karatsu、Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope, The Kingpins, Sookoon Ang, Jordan Baseman, Katsuki Tanaka, Young- Hae Chan heavy Industries, Cao Fei, Yutaka Tsuchiya、D-Fuse, Donatas Jankauskas, Nathalie Djurberg, Niklas Goldbach, Noemi Rodriguez, Poon Yick Sum, Fuzitama, Paul Chan, Chikara Matsumoto,Mai Yamashita + Naoto Kobayashi、Ressentiment, Rachel Davies

Now Let Us Praise American Leftists
Paul Chan Exhibition (recommended by Tetsuya Ozaki)

O.V.L.by REC. is an open video library style event in which ten art experts from Japan and abroad choose moving image art works. You can choose video works from artists by name, title, content of the works, comment from a recommender, nationality of artist and so on. There is no inconvenience for the viewer who was not able to see the art work from the beginning. You sit back, relax and enjoy the art videos with a cup of tea or coffee.

At the same time, we are presenting a short term exhibition entitled

The first is a solo exhibition of works by Paul Chan, recommended by Tetsuya Ozaki.

In Now Let Us Praise American Leftists, Chan has developed a visual index of social activism and represented American leftists as they were: men with mustaches. Over sixty leftist groups in the history of American leftist politics are represented with different types, created using FACES, a computer application used by North American law enforcement agencies to create composite pictures of criminals and suspects for wanted posters.

Paul Chan was born in 1973 in Hong Kong and lives and works in New York. He participated in Utopia Station at the Venice Biennale in 2003, and can be seen everywhere in the world currently. Paul Chan's digital animated floor projection, 1st Light, depicting two opposing tides of shadows moving in balletic slow motion, is being exhibited at the Whitney Biennial in New York this year and traveling exhibition Uncertain States of America.

© Cao Fei, PRD Anti Heroes courtesy of the artist and Lombard-Freid Projects.

© Paul Chan, Now Let Us Praise American Leftists, Courtesy of the artist and Video Data Bank

© Mai Yamashita+Naoto Kobayashi, Candy

© Tetsuya Karatsu, Piano Lesson

*We will have a reception party at 6 pm on 15th November. Please pop in!

15th Nov., 2006 - 21st Nov. 2006
12:00 - 17:00 (On 15th, 15:00 - 20:00)

ZAIM 1F Communication saloon (Library)
ZAIM Annex 301 (Exhibition )
34 Nihon Odori, Nakaku Yokohama
045-222-7030  045-662-0390


Admission: 500yen with a drink
Admission for seven days: 1000yen with drinks
(You can see Paul Chan exhibition with OVL ticket)

Organized by: MIACA Japan
The Nomura Cultural Foundation Supported by: The Nomura Cultural Foundation
ZAIM, Yokohama City Arts Foundation
Co-operated with:Video Data Bank, Lombard-Freid Projects, Hong Kong Short Film Awards ifva, Hong Kong Arts Center, Greene Naftali Gallery, BankART1929, Moderna Museet Stockholm, seji Co., Ltd., felicity, Netherlands Media Art Institute Monte Video
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For more information:
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Tel/Fax:045-662-0390 info@miaca.org atten. Ohshita/Hasegawa

© Icelandic Love Corporation, Courtesy of the artist

© Icelandic Love Corporation

© Icelandic Love Corporation

© Icelandic Love Corporation

© Rachel Davies

© Noemi Rodriguez

© Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope